KEF LSX Speakers

During the lockdown period we've had the time to turn our attention to numerous projects around the house which wouldn't normally get onto the list. For me, one of these has been introducing some additional speakers for music listening.

Since about 2002, we have listened to our music on our AV receiver, through the surround sound speakers - currently 7 small satellite speakers with a sub-woofer for deep bass. While this is fine for casual music listening, it is more tuned to film or television where most of the sound is speech. Since we moved house I have been pondering whether there could be a place for some more traditional stereo speakers for music.

More recently, my 'lockdown amplifier project' reminded me of the pleasure of listening to music in stereo in the days before surround sound. The search for some stereo speakers - and somewhere to put them - moved up the list.

Initially I looked at passive speakers to connect to the amplifier but very soon my attention was caught by something very different. The KEF LSX are active speakers (with their own amplifiers built in) which connect wirelessly to music sources and to eachother. They are controlled by an app on a phone or tablet. They sound absolutely stunning, revealing levels of details in the music which I have not heard before. Available in various colours, they are also beautiful.

Having decided to buy a pair in deep red, I found the best price at Peter Tyson in Carlisle - so instead of yet another DPD delivery we decided to go shopping! On the way north we called in to the farm shop at Tebay Services - owned and run by a Cumbrian farming family and very different from any other services - to get some supplies for a picnic. Next we stopped at Shap Abbey to enjoy our picnic. Finally we picked up the speakers in Carlisle before spending an interesting hour in the town's huge Bookcase book shop.

As days out go, this was not quite back to normal, but definitely getting there.