Lockdown Reading #2

Since I posted about Lockdown reading in May, I've enjoyed quite a few more books and read a mixture of poetry, fiction and non-fiction. It's great fun and a welcome distraction from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Escaping into a good book is so pleasurable and I'm finding time for re-reading classics and tackling series like Oxenham's Abbey Girls. Hopping around from biography to cosy crime to poetry, and some fairly serious reads like Virginia Woolf's Mrs Dalloway, is so enjoyable and I have time to savour and appreciate old and new authors.

So far I have read:

Elsie J Oxenham's Abbey Girl books including:

Abbey Girls in Town
Abbey Girls Again
Abbey Girls at Home
Queen of the Abbey Girls
The Abbey Girls Win Through
Jeanne M Dams Shadows of Death
Jeanne M Dams A Dark and Stormy Night
Barbara Cleverly Fall of Angels
Julia Chapman Date with Danger
Jonathan Bate Radical Wordsworth
T S Eliot The Waste Land
Virginia Woolf Mrs Dalloway
Nancy Breary Give a Form a Bad Name