Kendal’s Thai Kitchen

One of the few positives of the lockdown period has been the emergence of restaurant quality takeaway food. We’re not great fans of normal takeaways. The food isn’t great, has too much fat and salt and is usually made from low quality ingredients.

But during lockdown something else has emerged. Some outside catering businesses which usually cater for corporate events, weddings, festivals and other events have decided to open their kitchens as domestic takeaways. But they are very different from the normal takeaway.
Vegan Yellow Thai Curry
To begin with, the food is high quality. Festival-goers don’t put up with a greasy hot-dog these days: they might be knee deep in mud but when it comes to food they want to enjoy the full restaurant experience.

Outside catering businesses don’t need to be on the high street so they’re often hidden from view. Today we discovered Kendal’s Thai Kitchen, tucked away on a small industrial estate just outside the town centre. The owner's heritage ensures that the food is 100% authentic.

Their system is slick. Order by phone, they send you a text with a link to their payment site, you turn up at the agreed time, and they bring your meal to the car.
Pad Thai - Noddles with delicious vegetable and tofu, with lime and ground nuts

And the food? We had vegan yellow curry, jasmine rice and pad Thai - noodles with vegetables. This was supplied with a wedge of lime and a little pot of ground nuts to sprinkle on top. As for the yellow curry, it was stuffed full of tofu and interesting vegetables and the sauce was fragrant and slightly spicy. We both agreed that this is the best Thai food that we’ve tasted.
Mussaman Curry
We’re looking forward to trying it again soon. And we’re hoping that they stay open to the general public from their industrial unit, even after they can resume with festivals and weddings. This food’s too good to be wasted on millennials!