Lockdown Reading #3

As these strange times continue, reading is giving me huge pleasure and comfort. I am mixing up my reading, enjoying some cosy crime novels, as well as classic fiction and non-fiction. I am continuing to read my way through Elsie J Oxenham's Abbey books and have now arrive at book 20 in the series. I was so delighted last week, when visiting our local bookshop, to find that Kate Fenton has written a new book. The Time of her Life is Fenton's first novel in 11 years; she suffered from a very long period of writer's block and it's great, an updating of Jane Austen's Emma. Add to the mix a spot of Miss Read, an old favourite, and some Charlotte Smith and, all in all, a very enjoyable reading month.
Death Comes to Durham

Death in the Garden City
The Abbey Girls Play Up
The Time of her Life
The Geometry of Holding Hands
The Old Manor House
Reading Jane Austen after Reading Charlotte Smith

Fresh from the Country

The Abbey Girls on Trial