Collecting Cornishware

We have a very large collection of T and G Green's Cornishware - the famous blue and white stripe crockery. I've collected it for years. My first introduction to Cornishware was whilst watching the Woodentops on BBC's Watch with Mother! One of the episodes took us into Mrs Woodentop's kitchen, where there were blue and white striped jars on the shelves, with rice, flour and sugar labels. I was entranced. I watched the programme avidly after this, hoping for another glimpse of the kitchen, but it never happened. I've hunted for the images but never found them.

So, when as an adult, I came across Cornishware in an antiques shop I was hooked, and our collection has just growed and growed! Our kitchen shelves have been designed with the collection in mind.

 Recently, I've been buying some more pieces. I particularly love the small spice jars as well as the storage jars. We've decided to add a new shelf in the kitchen to house my new additions.

The spice jars are now on their shelf. I am planning to add a few more.

I haven't yet made space for the new storage jars. I've acquired some unusual jars including Peas, Candied Fruit and Lump Sugar.  I can feel the collecting bug getting stronger.....Chris is getting worried!