Lockdown Reading #4

As the coronacoaster continues, books remain a constant source of comfort, pleasure and enjoyment. I'm galloping through Oxenham's Abbey Girls books, but trying to intersperse with other fiction and non-fiction to mix it up a bit.

I'm enjoying some books about books; these are inspiring me to add more books to our collection! So it's not all bad news. Strange times can be quite soothing, in a strange sort of way!

National Trust A Breath of Fresh Air

Mary Stewart's Wildfire at Midnight
Mary Stewart Wildfire at Midnight
The Encyclopaedia of Girls' School Stories
Rosamund's Tuckshop
Maidlin Bears the Torch

Women and Children First
The Crown in Crisis
Another Country
Damaris Dances
Trisha Ashley's The Garden of Forgotten Wishes
Joy's New Adventure

Rosamund's Victory
Maidlin to the Rescue
Biddy's Secret