Roses Seem to Like our Garden

Since we moved house four years ago we've enjoyed filling our new garden with all sorts of plants. The soil is very different from our previous garden and it's been fun but also a bit hit and miss.

However, one thing that's become clear is that roses really enjoy our garden - so much so that it's well on the way to becoming a rose garden! I had always believed that roses are fussy and have to be carefully looked after but maybe this was because I grew up in the dry south-east. Up here in the wet north-west they seem to be more or less care-free

During the lockdown we couldn't get out to buy any new plants but we noticed that always-reliable David Austin Roses were still selling their delicious plants through their website. So we ordered four to add to our existing collection and waited eagerly for the parcels to arrive.

When they arrived the weather was typical for this time of year: several days of soft rain, ensuring the ground was easy to dig but not too wet. Two roses were popped in the ground whilst we put the other two in large terracotta pots. All four are now producing buds which quickly develop into heavy, fragrant flowers.

The photos are from David Austin's website, not our garden, but our specimens are already well on the way and flowering freely.
Gertrude Jekyll
The Lady Gardener
The Poet's Wife

Princess Alexandra of Kent