Miss Read and Autumn Days

At the weekend we had some lovely walks in Eaves Wood in Silverdale. There was a definite chill in the air and the trees were starting to change colour; we could feel that autumn is only round the corner.

September is one of my favourite months, and I always think of Miss Read's wonderfully evocative novels set in Fairacre and Thrush Green.

This is an excerpt from one of Miss Read's later novels: The Year at Thrush Green:

"The sturdy chestnut trees still boasted dark green foliage, but on the grass beneath there were a number of wrinkled palmate leaves which presaged the coming of autumn.

There was a definite chill in the morning and evening air. thoughts turned to stocks of coal and logs, of bulbs to be planted for Christmas flowering, and the thud of catalogues about the festive season, still months away, was heard on many a doormat in the area. Sensible people refused to be hustled into panic buying, and preferred to enjoy the mellow sunshine and the last of the summer flowers which made September one of the loveliest months at Thrush Green."

We're definitely not thinking about Christmas, but we are stocking up on logs and thinking of walks in the Lakes and winter planting. Bliss!