A New Car

Our ageing Mini One has given us lots of fun since we bought it in 2005 but we decided it was time to replace it. After much dithering over the summer, we decided on a Mini Countryman - much larger but well suited to the roads and weather in north west England and especially the Lake District.

The only downside was that the car was at the Mini dealer in Stevenage (460 miles return trip) meaning that we had a very long day, driving there together but then driving home separately in two cars, a total of 6 hours' driving for each of us. We slept well that night! But as we haven't been doing many long journeys in recent months, it made a nice change.

Our new Mini on the forecourt in Stevenage
It comes with all sorts of 'toys' fitted so we'll work out what they are and how they work over the next few weeks. As usual, the handbook is useless and we're learning how to operate the car from various YouTube videos.

We're very happy with our new car and are looking forward to some 'Mini adventures'.

Oh, how times have changed in 50 years - a 1968 Austin Mini Countryman