Galava Roman Fort

On a wet and windy Sunday afternoon, in the middle of Lockdown 2.0, we explored the remains of Galava Roman Fort, on the edge of Ambleside.

This has been on our 'to do' list for some time but there are normally too many other distractions in the area - including the lake, shops and restaurants. But with these being closed for the time being, we thought that a walk to explore the fort would satisfy the Government's definition of recreation.

As the rain lashed down we tried to imagine what life was like for the Roman soldiers who were posted to this beautiful but often harsh place, thousands of miles from their warm homes in Italy.

The weather wasn't really suitable for photography but here are a couple of photos taken by other visitors.

The layout of the original fort is clear

A beautiful setting - on a fine day - overlooking Lake Windermere

Some visitors don't fully appreciate the history