Lockdown Reading #7

This second lockdown seems harder to cope with in November than it did during the early summer. The dark nights make evening walks impossible so, as ever, I'm grateful for books. I'm reading more than ever, and mixing it up. 

I'm continuing to enjoy cosy crime, as well as my read through of Oxenham's Abbey Girl series. I've reached number 33 of 38 books, so there aren't many left to go! Although I have decided that I'm going to read all of the Abbey connectors. This means that there are quite a few books to keep me going through the dark months. I think that I'll have a break at the end of the true Abbey Girls books to allow more time for reading other books and authors.

I've always had a keen interest in costume and fashion, and I have found quite a few books about fashion and literature. I have enjoyed one of these during my latest Lockdown Reading marathon!

The latest Alexander McCall Smith was an absolute delight and I finished it far too quickly. I just love the way he writes and the meandering philosophical and anthropological forays enchant me.

All in all a very enjoyable month's reading.

Alexander McCall Smith A Promise of Ankles

                                             Modernism, Fashion and Interwar Women Writers

Elizabeth J Duncan On Deadly Tides

Mary Ward's Helbeck of Bannisdale

E J Oxenham's A Fiddler for the Abbey

Miss Read's Celebrations at Thrush Green

Katherine Bolger Hyde Arsenic with Austen

Katherine Bolger Hyde Bloodstains with Bronte
The Encyclopaedia of Girls' School Stories

William Wordsworth and Modern Travel
Claire Wilcox Patchwork