Lockdown Reading #8

As 2020 comes to an end I've been enjoying some Christmas reading, as well as completing my Abbey Girls marathon! Before the end of this year, I have completed the entire Abbey Girls oeuvre. I feel strangely sad now that I have finished the series. I might have to read all of the Oxenham books now - Abbey connectors and non-Abbey books.

Miss Read always hits the spot at this time of year. Every year I read a couple of her novels. They are so beautifully written and evocative of Christmas; they capture the true essence of this special time of year.

My interest in all things related to fashion and clothes continues and I've added some new books to my reading pile. Finally, a lovely book about bookshop tours of the UK. For now, this is just armchair travel, but hopefully soon, we'll be able to visit some of these marvellous bookshops. 

Miss Read Village Christmas
Miss Read The Christmas Mouse
Malcolm Saville Christmas at Nettleford
Simon Brett Guilt at the Garage
E J Oxenham Guardians of the Abbey

E J Oxenham Rachel at the Abbey
E J Oxenham A Dancer from the Abbey
E J Oxenham The Song of the Abbey
E J Oxenham Two Queens at the Abbey

Alexandra Shulman Clothes and Other Things that Matter
Diana Crane Fashion
Louise Boland Bookshop Tours