Lockdown Reading #9

As Lockdown #3 continues, without any indications of it ever finishing, reading is becoming increasingly important. I'm hopping about between genres, enjoying some poetry, as well as a healthy helping of cosy crime fiction. 

I'm finding time to read some favourite author's books, for the first time and for the umpteenth time. I have always loved Geoffrey Trease but somehow have never read his Banner books. I'm putting that right now and thoroughly enjoying these wonderful books, set in a fictionalised Cockermouth and Wasdale. A tried and tested favourite author, is Angela Brazil and I have just reread St Catherine's College. I hadn't realised that there is a complete chapter about a trip to the Lakes, until I listened to an episode of Countrystride recently.

Cosy crime novels continue to make me smile and are easy to read. I'm always discovering new authors and have a vast collection, which has totally outgrown the "cosy corner" in our living room.

Who knows where we are heading with Lockdown but, for now, books are keeping me sane(ish) and helping me to relax and escape.

Geoffrey Trease No Boats on Bannermere

Geoffrey Trease Under Black Banner
Angela Brazil St Catherine's College

Clare Chase Mystery on Hidden Lane

William Wordsworth The Country of the Lakes in 1820

Katherine Bolger Hyde Death with Dostoevsky

Stella Cameron Folly
Katherine Bolger Hyde Cyanide with Christie

Stella Cameron Whisper the Dead

Alfred, Lord Tennyson Idylls of the King