Post Lockdown Reading #14

In spite of a lot of gadding about  over the past few weeks, I have still managed to do quite a bit of reading. As ever, my reading has been fairly eclectic, and has spanned the ever-present cosy crimes to more serious tomes about poetry and travel. I have also enjoyed discovering, courtesy of Furrowed Middlebrow, Molly Clavering's novels. Molly Clavering was a close friend of D E Stevenson, and her novels have the same gentle atmosphere as Stevenson's novels.

Over the last month we have explored many ruins: castles, abbeys and churches, all over the UK, from Scotland to Wales. This has reignited my passion for all things ruinous as well as my interest in how these buildings became ruins, and how they were rediscovered, by whom and when. Fortunately, a couple of new books on the subject have been published and I have very much enjoyed reading these.

Rosemary Hill Time's Witness

Simon Armitage A Vertical Art

Susan Stewart The Ruins Lesson

Philippa Harrison Mountain Republic

The Chalet School Returns to the Alps

Molly Clavering Mrs Lorimer's Quiet Summer

Stephanie Austin From Devon with Love

Miss Read Summer at Fairacre

Simon Brett A Nice Class of Corpse

Ann Radcliffe Observations During a Tour to the Lakes

Alexander McCall Smith The Department of Sensitive Crimes

Alexander McCall Smith Corduroy Mansions