Quick Trip to Shropshire

Another overnight trip, this time to one of our favourite counties - Shropshire.

On our way down we stopped for lunch at Stokesay Castle, a 13th century castle with a beautiful 17th century gatehouse.

Not a typical English castle, more of a fortified manor house

The South Tower with the hills behind

The beautiful summer garden softens the hard edges of the stone buildings

The Gatehouse

Stokesay's church was damaged during the Civil War and rebuilt during the 17th century Puritan period

We enjoyed a good meal in Ironbridge and overnighted in Much Wenlock. Next morning we spent a quiet hour around the ruins of Wenlock's 12th century Priory. Although the thermometer was heading towards 30 degrees we found some shade where we sat and soaked up the ambience.

As we slowly melted we were also struck by the sheer scale of Henry VIII's Dissolution 'project' - to systematically dismantle and destroy so many vast buildings in the space of just a few years.

Having spent a relaxing day in beautiful places we returned home ready to face another week's work.