An Afternoon at Skipton Castle

Last weekend we visited Skipton's 900 year old castle, one of the best preserved in the country. In fact, far from being a ruin, it's so well preserved that it's privately owned and still lived in today.

The castle is at the start of the 100-mile Lady Anne's Way, a tour which stretches from Skipton to Penrith and which includes many of the buildings which Lady Anne Clifford owned and helped to restore in the 17th century. The Clifford family owned much of the land between Skipton and Penrith including five castles. As well as Skipton, they owned Brough, Brougham, Appleby and Pendragon castles in Westmorland.

The imposing gatehouse

Looking towards the living quarters, now home of the Fattorini family

The chapel
Chapel interior
Buildings inside the gatehouse