Enid Blyton's Birthday

Today is Enid Blyton's birthday. I have always adored her books, and haven't allowed the controversy that circles around her, to undermine and diminish the pleasure she gives me. I have collected all of her books and now have a fine collection of mostly first editions. The dustwrappers and illustrations are beautiful in themselves, without the fantastic stories that Blyton tells.

Over the years I have read all of her books and I've never been able to decide which series is my favourite. I love the Famous Five and Mystery series, but I'm also partial to the St Clare's and Malory Towers series. But then, I thoroughly enjoy the Barney books. The characters and settings of all of these books are wonderful and so memorable. 

I have read the Adventure books, the Secret books and the Naughtiest Girl book, but I haven't read them for years, decades even. So, for Enid Blyton's birthday, I plan to have a reread of these series, and see if I enjoy them as much as my old favourites. 

When you are a Blyton fan there are so many references and quotes which make you smile when you think of them. I find the Mystery, series, with the unforgettable Five Find Outers and Buster the dog, the most humorous. So many of the characters stay with me. I love Ern and his pomes (poems):

There's a mystery a-moving
Away on Christmas Hill,
Where kidnappers and robbers
Are waiting for the kill.
But when kidnappers are napping
And robbers are asleep,
We'll pounce on them together
And knock them in a heap! 

And I will always have a soft spot for Fatty, Frederick Algernon Trotville. 

Happy Birthday, Enid Blyton. What a wonderful legacy you have left us.