Levens Hall and Gardens

Levens Hall with its formal topiary gardens

Levens Hall is an Elizabethan house a few miles from Over Kellet. The weather had turned a little cooler and this made it an ideal day to tour the house and its unique gardens. The gardens date back to the 17th century and have hardly changed since they were created - they are said to be the oldest topiary gardens in the world.

We enjoyed the guided tour of the house (No Photography!) and then spent a leisurely hour in the gardens, wandering between the different 'rooms' and enjoying all the plants and topiary sculptures. We finished off our visit in the Levens Kitchen with a very tasty late lunch.

Part of the house and the 13th century pele tower around which it is built

Everywhere are intriguing snickets which draw you to the next room

The summer borders are full of colour

At the centre of the geometric formal garden is a large pond filled with water lilies

Some of the rooms are connected by corridors, creating further interest

The fragrant sweet-peas were in full bloom