Summer Draws to a Close

I always love this time of year. Having enjoyed many weeks of bright colour in the garden, everything starts to gently die back as the nights get longer and cooler, even though the days are still quite warm.

The plants die back at different speeds: the hardy geraniums are already half of their original height and quite brown, while the roses are still going strong.

The nasturtium leaves are starting to yellow

This lupin is having a brave attempt at flowering a second time

Our roses have enjoyed the long summer...

... and there are still plenty of flowers

The colourful bunting will keep us smiling when the plants have died back...

... as will the mosaics

A gargoyle surrounded by hardy geraniums as they die back and turn brown

Still busy in the garden even though there isn't much pollen to be had

Our little solar fountain works even on dull days

Green chilli peppers, soon ready for cutting and cooking