Anything Goes

A few weeks ago, some friends mentioned that they were heading off to London to "catch a show". The show was Anything Goes. To say I was envious is something of an understatement, but Chris and I weren't very keen on the prospect of a trip to London, so we forgot all about it. 

Until, I was browsing Fellini's special events and spotted that they were streaming Anything Goes, live from the Barbican.

Fantastic, we thought, and only requiring a quick trip up to Ambleside!

What a simply amazing show...our feet were tapping from the very first minute. Even Chris, who is a self-declared musical phobe, loved every second.

What a fantastic experience, on a snowy afternoon in November: lights, music, dance, glitz and glamour!

We finished off the day with a pizza at Zeffirelli's - an amazing day all round!