Bookshop Date

A few weeks ago I was reading a blog about the ten most romantic things to do in the Autumn, and was delighted to find that organising a date in a bookshop, was one of them! I mentioned this to Chris and, next thing, he announces that he's booked us into Dryburgh Abbey Hotel for an overnight stay, and a "date" the following day at Main Street Trading Company. What a fabulous surprise!

This bookshop is one of our favourite destinations. The selection of books is beautifully curated and we often make surprising finds, books that we wouldn't normally come across, but which are real gems. In addition to the bookshop, there is also a fine deli and café, what's not to like?

We spent a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours mooching round the books and made an eclectic selection to take home. We also enjoyed the deli and bought some tasty treats to enjoy at home.

Our overnight stay at Dryburgh Abbey Hotel was lovely. This is one of our favourite hotels, with spectacular views of the River Tweed and the ruined eponymous Abbey. Our room had wonderful views of the Tweed, fast flowing and swollen after weeks of rain.

The visit was complete with a pizza at Hunters Stables in St Boswell's, an authentic Italian trattoria!

After such a wonderful "date" I would marry Chris, if I wasn't already married to him!