James Thomson's The Season's: Autumn

Hence from the busy joy-resounding fields,

In cheerful error let us tread the maze

Of Autumn unconfined; and taste, revived,

The breath of orchard big with bending fruit.

Obedient to the breeze and beating ray,

From the deep-loaded bough a mellow shower

Incessant melts away. The juicy pear

Lies in a soft profusion scattered round.

A various sweetness swells the gentle race,

By Nature’s all-refining hand prepared,

Of tempered sun, and water, earth, and air,

In ever-changing compositions mixed.

Such, falling frequent through the chiller night,

The fragrant stores, the wide-projected heaps

Of apples, which the lusty-handed year

Innumerous o’er the blushing orchard shakes.