Recent Reading

After Lockdown ended, and as we appeared to be emerging from the threat, and reality, of COVID-19, I decided to continue keeping a log of the books I have read. I enjoy looking back over the month and contemplating my reading diet! However, as I post this latest reading list, the threat of OMICRON is looming, and there is talk of further restrictions. Maybe Lockdown Reading will return! Let's hope not.

This month we have had a number of bookshop trips, literary talks and festivals and a couple of online conversations. So my reading has been inspired by these. It is therefore even more varied than usual.

Katherine May Wintering

Polly Atkin Recovering Dorothy

Connie Berry The Art of Betrayal

William Knight The English Lake District as Interpreted in the Poems of Wordsworth

Miss Read Winter in Thrush Green

Alexander McCall Smith Love in the Time of Bertie

Arthur Ransome Winter Holiday

Christmas at River Cottage

Catherine Lowell The Madwoman Upstairs

Hana Videen The Word Hord

Decadent Poetry

The Joy of Small Things