Recent Reading

Reading over the past month has been very varied. I wasn't feeling particularly Christmassey, so whilst I read a couple of Christmas themed books, most of my reading has been more general. 

I have enjoyed my usual mix of fiction and non-fiction and have included some new-to-me authors. I am very interested in the number of Shakespeare related books that are being published including an imaging of the kingdom after King Lear and his daughters are dead - Lear Wife; and Hamnet, a re-examining of the inspiration for Hamlet and the Shakespeare family narrative.

I have read a number of books set in Norfolk and on the Broads. This wasn't intentional! But reading them has made me hanker after a trip to this part of the UK. It's so long since I've been there, that I can't really remember it.

In addition, there have been some crime novels, always a winner at this time of year, and some beautifully illustrated biography and natural world books including Wintering, Jane's Country Year and Beatrix Potter Drawn to Nature.

There has also been some purchasing of New Naturalist books - so beautiful and interesting - but I think Chris plans to post about these, so I won't steal his thunder!

Maggie O'Farrell Hamnet

Arthur Ransome Coot Club

G G Vandergriff Death of an Earl

Katherine May Wintering

Noel Streatfield's Christmas Stories

Trisha Ashley One More Christmas at the Castle

J R Thorp Lear Wife

Malcolm Saville Jane's Country Year

Rebecca Tope The Threlkeld Theory

Faith Martin Murder on the Oxford Canal

Thomas Agar Holland Dryburgh Abbey and Other Poems

Amy Fletcher A Guernsey Girl at the Chalet School

Malcolm Saville Sea Witch Comes Home

Beatrix Potter Drawn to Nature