February Reading

February has been a particularly dreary month, with rain and storms galore. One week, we managed three storms: Dudley, Eunice and Franklin. That weekend we ran the full gamut of weather including snow, hail, ice, rain, gale force winds and sleet.

So, there has been quite a lot of reading, although at some point in the month, I ran into a bit of reader's block. Almost unheard of for me! I struggled through and refreshed myself with a trilogy of Chalet School fill-ins. They were highly entertaining and sufficiently thrilling to cause me to curl up with a book, for the worst weekend.

The month included a (not very successful) trip to Ludlow, so I prepared with a re-read of one of my favourite Malcolm Saville novels: The Secret of Grey Walls. I also read an excellent book about A E Housman, the most famous Shropshire poet.

All in all, not a very inspiring month's reading. I think I need to have a good wallow in some Sensation fiction next, or possibly a spot of Gothic!

Peter Parker Housman Country

The Lake District: Landscape and Geology

Stephanie Austin A Devon Night's Death

David Hockney Spring Cannot Be Cancelled

Arthur Ransome Pigeon Post

Jackie Roberts Joey and Co in Canada

Jackie Roberts Surprises for the Chalet School

Jackie Roberts Cornelia of the Chalet School

Malcolm Saville The Secret of Grey Walls