Our small woodpile after a trip to our local supplier
About 18 months ago we replaced our ageing gas-fuelled ‘wood burner’ with the real thing: a proper wood burning stove, similar to the one we had in our last house, but larger.

It’s easy to light, throws out plenty of heat, and we love the smell of wood smoke in the house. It’s so much more authentic than the ‘fake’ gas one that we inherited when we bought the house.

We’ve become aware that some people aren’t keen on wood burners. There are endless arguments about smoke versus smokeless, carbon footprints, carbon capture and all the rest of it. No doubt there are arguments in favour and against, as there are with everything.

But, as our electricity goes up by 40% and our gas goes up by over 80%, I’m relieved that one of our sources of heat comes from round the corner and has a stable price.