Mini-break in Normandy

It's almost 3 years since we last went abroad and, for our first post-lockdown foreign trip, we decided to keep things simple by visiting my brother and sister-in-law at their house in Normandy. We flew from Manchester to Paris, where we hired a car and 4 hours later we were at their house on the edge of a small village in southern Normandy.

The area is full of rural French charm and we enjoyed a few days of total relaxation punctuated by a few excursions to nearby attractions.

The nearby town of Domfront is full of historic buildings and boasts the ruins of a medieval castle.

The castle ruins are now set in a park which was perfect for a quick sandwich and relaxation.

As we were relatively close, we spent a day visiting Bayeux and its world-famous Tapestry. The tapestry is a series of scenes that tell the story of the events leading up to the Norman Conquest and the museum's interpretation really brought it to life and we walked slowly along its 70 metres length.

We also checked out some other local ruins, including the ruined chateau at Lassay-les-Chateaux.

Our mini-break really did the trick in achieving 100% relaxation and as we headed back to Paris and then to Manchester we agreed that going somewhere 'a little bit foreign' is something we have really missed. The extra post-Brexit and Covid paperwork was a bit of a burden - but definitely worth it.