The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Blog

We have had a blog for a little under 11 years. Our first post was a brief account of a day out in the Lakes on the May Day bank holiday in 2011.

All the time, the blog has ‘behaved’ perfectly. It just works. It’s a simple affair, with Google looking after the content and publishing of the blog and our web hosting company, Ionos, looking after the domain name. When you type in our web address, Ionos simply passes you onto Google, which displays the contents of the blog on your screen. Simples.

Until last week.

One day I clicked on only to be greeted with a blank screen and an error message. ‘Too many redirects’ it said but I was none the wiser. Nothing had changed, but clearly something quite important had.

After a couple of phone calls and emails, the excellent Technical Support team at Ionos sorted me out but weren’t really able to tell me what had gone wrong. Something to do with DNS records and CNAMES. Perhaps I had fiddled with the settings, they asked. When I told them that I hadn’t and, in fact, I didn’t know how to do that, I don’t think they were entirely convinced. After all these things don’t just change themselves…