Alan Ayckbourn's All Lies

Alan Ayckbourn's latest play All Lies, is premiering at the Old Laundry Theatre in Bowness-on-Windermere this week. We booked for Sunday's matinée and thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

All Lies is something of a departure for Ayckbourn and for the Old Laundry. Firstly, it wasn't performed in the round and secondly, there were only three actors and a minimalist stage set. Ayckbourn wrote the play so that it could be performed in a Covid-secure setting with social distancing guaranteed.

The premise of the plat is "a chance meeting...It's love at first sight! The person of your dreams! But will they feel the same? Once you tell the truth about yourself will you even be worthy of them? Do you take the plunge and reveal all? Or choose the dangerous alternative and tell them...All lies?!"

On what inspired Alan Ayckbourn to write All Lies, he said “With all this business about fake news and people with various versions of the truth, it struck me that a play was due where people with the best will in the world told lies about themselves. It occurred to me then that most of us did this in the very early stages of our relationships, mainly to bolster our claim for the one we are attracted to’s heart, as it were. Increasing our possible credentials for their affections.” 

I loved the play and the very assured performances by three excellent actors. An interesting and thought provoking play which feels very apposite for our current times.