On our way to Alnwick we detoured off the A1 to avoid a traffic problem. The journey was delightful, taking us through lovely villages which we would have whizzed past if we had stayed on the A1.

One village was Edlingham. It boasts not only an ancient church but also a ruined castle. Of the two, the church is the older by 400 years. The building began in about 1050 and the original Saxon church has been added to and ‘improved’ almost every century.

The castle clearly saw some action during the centuries of Anglo-Scottish fighting. Today, there are only ruins of the tower and a floor plan of the rest of the castle.

North side of the church. There are no windows as this is the direction that the invading Scottish will approach from

Arches inside the church

Church from the south-west

Stile over the church wall

The castle behind the church
The castle with its distinctive crack