Jane Eyre at Lytham Hall

On Friday we enjoyed Heartbreak Production's adaptation of Jane Eyre, at Lytham Hall, with a friend.

I have to admit I wasn't particularly looking forward to the play, I'm never very keen on stage adaptations of novels. However, this was fantastic.  Emma Hodgkinson’s ingenious adaptation used the backdrop of a carnival to follow Jane’s countless ordeals. 

We watched as she made each of her "escapes" form the symbolic cage in the centre of the stage. Jane struggled to escape from her aunt’s house, her school, the fire, the moors, and finally find safety with her true love, Mr Rochester.

It was all very cleverly done and well acted. The costumes were interesting and adaptable, especially the women's costumes, which were essentially corsets! All very decent and enabled them to perform quick changes and acrobatics! They also provided the context for my favourite line of the play "speak up dear, I'm wearing a corset"!! I don't know why but this really tickled me.

The audience was seated in the round which was a first in outdoor theatre, for me.

So, together with an excellent picnic and good company, we had a thoroughly enjoyable Summer's evening.