Princesses and Ruritanian Novels

I love Ruritanian novels, especially those written for girls in the middle of the Twentieth century, so I was interested to read that Princesses was one of the themes of the Topsy Turvy conference this year. 

I checked out the books that were discussed and found that I have all of them, plus a few other Ruritanian titles which weren’t mentioned. I’ve spent a few happy hours hunting out all my books. I’ve already read many of these novels but there are some that I haven’t read, and a couple which I didn’t realise were Ruritanian.

So, my plan is to start reading. I’m not sure whether to start with an old favourite or jump straight into something new. My absolute favourite Ruritanian novel is The Girl from the Backwooods by Edith Wendon. It’s the book which started this interest, but I’ve also read it so many times. One thing is certain, however, this will be a very interesting occupation for a wet weekend!