Christmas Gothic

On a very cold and frosty evening in December we popped to Ulverston's Coronation Hall, to watch Dyad's production of Christmas Gothic. 

What an amazing performance. Rebecca Vaughan was spellbinding as she told her three ghostly tales. She certainly fulfilled the promise of the production's marketing:

Christmas: a time to remember the past, celebrate the present, and look to the future; a time of feasts and festivities; of holly and mistletoe; a time of visits and visitations. A time of ghosts.

Come in from the cold and enter into the Christmas spirit as a dark and spectral woman tells haunting tales of the festive season, lighting a candle to the frailties of human nature and illuminating the cold and chilling depths of the bleak, wintry dark..

Ooh! The performance sent shivers up and down my spine and drew us into a world of spectres and ghosts. All very fitting for a cold Winter's evening before Christmas.