Chester, the Most Beautiful City in the World


As someone who grew up in Chester, I was delighted to read in Time Out magazine that this small city has been named the most beautiful in the world.

Chester is number one in a new study analysing which cities have the highest percentage of buildings that align with the 'golden ratio’. With 83.7% of buildings matching with the ratio, Chester was ahead of Venice which was declared second place, London third, Belfast fourth, and Rome fifth.

The golden ratio (1:1.618) reflects a set of proportions that have intrigued and been studied by mathematicians since ancient times. The ratio is often found in the natural world, including in flowers and shells, and for reasons that cannot entirely be explained, humans find objects that unfold with this ratio inherently beautiful. 

Chester is indeed an absolutely beautiful city. I loved living there as a child and teenager, and I really enjoy visiting family and friends there now. There are so many wonderful buildings - Roman, Medieval, Tudor and Victorian. The city walls are the oldest, longest and most complete in Britain, parts of which are almost 2000 years old and Chester is the only city in Britain that retains the full circuit of its ancient defensive walls.

In addition  to the Roman walls there is also the largest Roman amphitheatre in the UK; a 1000 year old cathedral with stunning Medieval carvings and the Tudor Rows.

I sometimes think that I don't fully appreciate just how wonderful Chester is! We really must visit again soon.