Business Meeting with a View

We try to avoid business meetings and lunches but last week we were at one such event on the fourth floor of Liverpool's Maritime Museum. The weather was perfect for a great view across the city's Waterfront - previously a UNESCO World Heritage site but stripped of that status in 2021 as the historic buildings had become obscured by more modern buildings.

From our vantage point we could see both the old and the new. You decide.

Left to right, the main buildings are:

National Museums Liverpool (opened 2011)

The Royal Liver Building (completed 1911) with mythical Liver Birds crowning each tower. The left hand tower boasts the largest clock face in England.

The Port of Liverpool Building (completed 1909) with its distinctive dome

The Longitude and Latitude Buildings (completed 2011) clad in dark, shiny glass facades

No 1 Mann Island (opened 2011)