Along Hadrian’s Wall

So it’s decided: 2023 will be the year that we explore Northumberland, England’s most northerly county. Parts of it will be day trips, parts will need an overnight stay.

Our first outing, a day trip, was to Corbridge - taking in Hadrian’s Wall and associated antiquities. After a lovely drive in bright sunshine, we crossed the country from Carlisle towards Newcastle. Corbridge has fine Roman remains and these were where we started.

These exquisitely detailed figures are only a few inches high

Vines - in the very north of England?

Sophisticated drainage systems
We next headed into modern Corbridge, an attractive small town on the Tyne, but first we explored the Old Pottery - a 19th century pottery which looks like it belongs 200 miles to the south in Stoke-on-Trent. Its bottle kilns are distinctive and can be seen from quite a distance.

Our final stop was Aydon Castle - more a fortified house than a traditional castle. We both loved the castle: hardly a ruin, the floors and many windows were still in place

Model of how Aydon looked originally

All that remained was for us to head back towards Carlisle and then down the M6 to home.