Pot Fest 2023

Once again, Potfest in the Park returned to Hutton in the Forest, and we planned our visit for the first day. Fortunately, after a week of rain, the sun came out and the weather was rather lovely. Hutton in the Forest was looking its best, it is such an attractive historic house.

There were dozens of stalls, we lost count after the first couple of tents. Ursula and I would have gone round in circles, if we hadn't had the benefit of Chris's excellent navigational skills! After a couple of hours, and a couple of restorative coffees, we decided that we had done Potfest justice, and left in search of a late lunch.

On this occasion none of us bought anything. We were tempted by a few items, but had decided in advance to only purchase if we absolutely fell in love.

I did fall in love with a rather splendid performing zebra, top hat and all! I couldn't think of anywhere to put him where he would be displayed to advantage, so reluctantly, I left him behind! I think Chris was somewhat relieved.

As always, there was such a diverse selection of pottery and ceramics. It was so fabulous to spend time amongst craftspeople who are so passionate about their work.