Troutbeck Chapel by John Wilson aka Christopher North

Last weekend we visited two churches to view their Pre-Raphaelite windows. I was delighted to discover a link with the poet John Wilson, at Jesus Church in Troutbeck.

....Oh! ne'er shall I forget the hour, when first
Thy little chapel stole upon my heart,
Secluded Troutbeck! 'Twas the Sabbath-morn,
And up the rocky banks of thy wild stream
I wound my path, full oft I ween delayed
By sounding waterfall, that 'mid the calm
Awoke such solemn thoughts as suited well
The day of peace; till all at once I came
Out of the shady glen, and with fresh joy
Walked on encircled by green pastoral hills.
Before me suddenly thy Chapel rose
As if it were an image....