Dahlias, Blackberries and Fine Chocolates

I think Chris felt a bit sorry for me, after a week of coughing and sneezing, so on our day out today he managed to fit in a number of lovely treats.

We made a quick stop in Bowness so that Chris could pop into Huttons Chocolates and buy a selection of my very favourite chocolates. I'm not a massive chocolate fan, but I absolutely adore these delicious chocolates with interesting flavours including lime, coffee, key lime pie and walnut.

We had a delicious “lunch with a view” at Blackwell, the Arts and Crafts House.

As we drove home from Blackwell, we made a detour through Milnthorpe to JRG Dahlias. Dahlias are my favourite flowers, they're so beautiful and put on such a glorious show. Chris bought me a beautiful bouquet in so many different colours.

Finally, we stopped, near to Sizergh Castle, to pick some blackberries. We’d spotted the hedgerows full of almost ripe berries a few weeks ago, and decided they would probably be ready, and they were.