Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado

The Gilbert and Sullivan Festival is back in full swing at the Buxton Opera House, this year. After many years of the Festival being split between Harrogate and Buxton, with Harrogate dominating, this year the Festival is taking place exclusively in Buxton. This is very exciting and offers lots of choice for us.

Our selection this year includes The Mikado and Iolanthe. The Mikado is performed by the Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company; Iolanthe by the Buxton Light Opera.

So, last weekend we enjoyed The Mikado. What a wonderful, fresh performance. Each time I watch a Gilbert and Sullivan I’m amazed that the performers and director can bring something new to the show.

This was the promotional photo for the show, but the actual performance was so very different. The cast was dressed as schoolgirls and schoolboys, and Koko was a vicar, complete with plus fours and dog collar. So original and very effective. 

The patter song "I've got it on the list...." was wonderful. I particularly enjoyed the line "people who live in Brighton, but pretend that they're from Hove". Bernie and I chuckled as we thought how much Chris would like this line.

Next, we've got Iolanthe to look forward to.