A Very Varied Day Out

Returning from York, we made a few stops to enjoy churches, nature, and some Roman history.

First was Aldborough where there are some remains of the Roman town. Most of the Roman remains are beneath the modern village but there are a couple of fine mosaics and other wall fragments. The 30 minute garden walk that takes you past all of these is charming and peaceful and the village itself is pretty, with a 14th Century church.

St Andrew's church in Aldborough is 14th century, having been built after the 11th century church was destroyed by Scottish raiders. It sits on the site of the original Roman temple dedicated to Mercury.

From Aldborough we moved on to Studley Royal Deer Park, probably best known as the location of the ruined Fountains Abbey. However, we were here to visit St Mary's church, designed in the 1870s in the Gothic Revival style and echoing many of the features of the original 13th century Gothic style.

The church is simply stunning, both inside and out.