Gardens, Books and Ice Cream!

After a rather gruelling OFSTED inspection, we decided that a peaceful Saturday was what we needed. Autumnal Gardens seemed to be the perfect antidote to the week. 

So, first we visited Acorn Bank (again!) It was Apple Day in the garden with juicing and tasting. We wandered around the fruit trees, enjoying Summer's bounty and the early signs of Autumn. As today was Autumn Equinox, we were particularly looking out for the change of the seasons. 

We popped into the house again, mainly so that Chris could take a photo of the portrait of Dorothy Una Ratcliffe which hangs in one of the rooms open to the public.

Next, we drove to Pooley Bridge, for a quick mooch around Verey Books. We felt that a visit to a bookshop was mandatory this weekend! There was an excellent selection of early Autumn book releases to inspire us. A small number of purchases were made.

Over Kirkstone Pass to Holehird Gardens next. The gardens are maintained by the Lake District Horticultural Society and are very beautiful. They are much more manicured than Acorn Bank with a walled garden and herbaceous borders. There are also numerous greenhouses, all with stunning views of Lake Windermere.

It is here that Beatrix Potter stayed with her parents for the Summer holidays of 1889 and 1895. It's easy to picture the young Beatrix Potter conjuring up Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny and Mr McGregor, in these gardens!

Our final destination was the Glebe at Bowness, for an ice cream, well actually a Mister Whippy. We sat by the Lake, enjoying the crowds of day trippers and relishing our very peaceful day amongst stunning gardens.