Gaskell Tower, Knutsford

We were driving to Macclesfield last week to meet up with friends. Our journey took us through Knutsford and I suggested that we made a quick detour, to look at the Gaskell Tower, on King Street.

I've been visiting Knutsford ever since I can remember, but I am ashamed to say that I had no idea that there is a memorial tower to Elizabeth Gaskell. I know that Elizabeth Gaskell spent her childhood in this lovely, small town, and that she and her husband are buried here, but tower, no idea! I only discovered the existence of the Tower when I was chatting with a bookseller at Gorton Monastery, recently.

It was lovely to see the Tower which was designed by Richard Harding Watt, a local businessman with a love of extravagant architecture. It was completed in 1907.

What a pretty building which fits into Knutsford so well. We enjoyed walking along King Street and imagining Elizabeth Gaskell creating her Cranford characters. I mean, Knutsford is just Cranford! It's almost impossible to separate the two. 

Gaskell also used Knutsford as the model for Hollingford in Wives and Daughters. We decided that we must return and spend  longer exploring Knutsford and seeking out all of the Gaskell connections.