William the Conqueror 1066 - Anon

Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings. It's incredible to think this happened almost 1000 years ago!

William the conqueror 1066 said to his captains   
I mean to affix England to Normand
Go out and borrow some bows and some arrows
We’re starting tomorrow

Now Harold in England was ready to fight
But something to him just didn't seem right
He was given the crown
Whilst Edward was dying
So William would just have to stop all his whining

Harold faced William from on top of Senlac
A very good place to stop an attack
He was doing quite well till he looked to the sky
And that's when an arrow, smacked him dead in the eye

The Saxons were horrified, they couldn't believe it
Their king was the best, not some blooming French idiot
They’d been up to Stamford and beaten Hardrada
But William was lucky and proved he was harder

So William went conquering hither and thither
Till Angles and Saxons were all of a dither
He conquered so quickly he couldn't keep count
Of the counties he conquered
I think they amount to ten or a dozen
Or maybe a score

And I haven’t a doubt he’d have conquered some more
Had not death put an end the tactics
Thank heaven
Of William the Conqueror 1087