Green Door Artists

Our weekend of art continued on Sunday with a quick trip to the Green Door Artists Affordable Art show, at the Staveley Roundhouse. I love the work of the Green Door Artists who are all local, from North Lancashire and Cumbria. 

We've bought a number of paintings from Green Door Artists, most recently we purchased a painting by Cally Lawson, which now hangs in our living room. So, we were excited to see what else might be available, that we liked.

The show featured everything from paintings and drawings to ceramics, sculpture, jewellery and cards, all made by local artists, and all costing less than £250.

There were two paintings that we loved, one titled Autumn Rainbow and the other Arnside Knott. We chose Autumn Rainbow, and then checked the artist. Amazingly, both paintings were by Averyl Bradbrook! At lease our tastes are consistent.

We purchased Autumn Rainbow, but were tempted to buy both!

There were quite a few paintings that we would have bought, but we are running out of wall space, so did have to limit ourselves to just one painting.