A Christmas Carol #2

Our second reading of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol was scheduled for 2nd December at Lindeth Howe, near Bowness on Windermere. This happened to be the weekend of the freak snowfall in South Lakes. At home we had a flutter of snow, but closer to Kendal, this turned into a blizzard with impassable roads. We were fortunate that we hadn't set off when we were contacted by Lindeth Howe, to let us know that the reading was postponed. So, a couple of weeks later, no snow but lots of rain, we set off for the rearranged reading of A Christmas Carol.

This was our second reading of this wonderful novel this month. Graham Tyson's reading was the original story performed by Dickens himself, and therefore a much more fulsome adaptation than the adaptation by Down in the Cellar.

We loved both versions of A Christmas Carol. At Lindeth Howe we were completely immersed in the full tale, which was extremely enjoyable. But, there is also a lot to say for the brevity of the Down in the Cellar telling of the tale.

As well as an enjoyable afternoon of Charles Dickens, it was lovely to be in one of Beatrix Potter's many houses. She purchased Lindeth Howe for her mother, on the death of her father. At Lindeth Howe she wrote the wonderful tales: The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes and The Tale of Pigling Bland. 

The hotel makes quite a lot of its Potter connections, and there are interesting items of ephemera around the walls.

So, all in all, a very enjoyable afternoon, in the company of two literary greats.