Gravest Fears: Two Ghost Stories by M R James

Last weekend we enjoyed a performance by Nunkie Productions at the Heron Theatre in Beetham. Nunkie performed two Ghost Stories by M R James.  

M R James is a relatively new find for me. Until recently, I avoided all things Gothic and ghostly. I am so glad that I have now fully embraced this genre, and so glad that I listened to the friend who introduced me to this wonderful author, as well as others of his ilk.

Cathedrals are seats of terror in both of these two thrilling tales. The first tale was The Stalls of Barchester Cathedral. In this tale an ambitious cleric falls prey to an ancient curse built into the very fabric of the building he serves. It was a very thrilling tale, and quite spine tingling.

In An Episode of Cathedral History ill-advised restorations lead to the discovery of an ancient tomb. But what lies within? And is it only sleeping? 

Nunkie is an amazing storyteller. You really feel as if you are in the presence of M R James himself.

We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon of festive ghost stories, in the lovely little Heron Theatre in Beetham.