Snow in the Lakes

Our weekend plans were thrown into confusion by the sudden snow. On Saturday we were just leaving to pop up to Lindeth Howe for a reading of A Christmas Carol, when the snow started falling, and the event was cancelled. Fortunately, the reading has been rearranged for a couple of weeks time so we will still be able to enjoy Lindeth Howe, as well as A Christmas Carol. I was particularly looking forward to the Beatrix Potter links with Lindeth Howe.

Beatrix Potter purchased Lindeth Howe for her mother after her father died. But she also holidayed there for many years, and wrote The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes and The Tale of Pigling Bland whilst staying at this lovely Arts and Crafts house.

So, for now, I thought I'd content myself with some Beatrix Potter painting of bunnies in the snow!