Brian Bilston’s Vegetarian Haggis

We both love the idea of Burns Night but, as vegetarians, we’re less keen on the traditional centre-piece, preferring a vegetarian alternative. Since being introduced to Brian Bilston’s poems by some friends, we have found that he has a pithy poem for every situation - including Burns Night for vegetarians.

Address to a Vegetarian Haggis

How warm you make me feel inside
great chieftain of the veggie tribe!
True bearer of this nation's pride-
beans, nuts,and oats
in Forfar,Wigtown, East Kilbride,
and John o' Groats.
O braw and tidy recipe!
Vegan-friendly and gluten-free,
unslaughtered is the poor beastie -
this removing what the snag is.
Join me -please raise your cutlery
to veggie Haggis!