Dean Friedman at Matt & Phreds

We first saw Dean Friedman five years ago and very much enjoyed his concert. So we were delighted to be able to repeat the experience this week, only to find him even more entertaining than last time.

Each song was introduced with an amusing anecdote (some more true than others) before a pitch-perfect performance. All of the favourites were there including Lydia, Death to the Neighbours, McDonald’s Girl, Ariel and of course Lucky Stars - with the audience picking up the lines of the original female part. And there were newer songs too, such as the beautiful American Lullaby.

A bonus from the evening was buying a credit card sized USB hard drive filled with high quality music files of Dean’s complete works. And he’s such a nice guy he spent the interval signing all the ‘merch’ including my hard drive.

And what a great 70s photo, complete with loads of curly hair and a great moustache.